Super Sight Words and Mirthful Math Starting in June

The school year is now in the books. We volunteer tutors have seen so much growth in your students since we began. Our final day for tutoring was Friday, May 13th. Thank you for allowing us to serve your students through tutoring. We all benefit from the experience and consider it an honor to share our expertise. Our regular tutoring program will be on a break until September.

A huge thank you to our tutors: Anita, Allison, Asa, Bonnie, Chloe, Jill, John, Larissa, and Nancy. We couldn’t have served all 40+ of our students without your help!

What are your plans for the summer? Beginning on Wed. June 15th, One For Everyone will have group programming for students going into K-2 on Wednesdays in two different classes: Group 1: 10-11 a.m. and Group 2: 4-5 p.m. at the library in one of the large meeting rooms. This group will be open to students who need to work on sight words and basic math who are any age. In addition to interactive sight words games and math activities, there will be music and crafts. The group size limit is 15 and registration is required. For more information, please contact Ruth Johnston at 219-299-3489 (call or text) or Be sure to include reading levels, math needs, and IEP goals so that we can plan activities accordingly.

BASIC WEDNESDAY FORMAT: Super Sight Words and Mirthful Math stations will be set up ahead of time. We will open with a few songs and brief discussion of behavior expectations. There will be simple crafts or activities to enhance fine motor skills. At the end, we will close with a song or two. Parents or guardians will be asked to remain with the student to help as needed. Siblings are welcome to stay.

What Else Can We Do to Reinforce Summer Learning?

Congratulations! You and your student have worked hard to make it through the school year! What can families do to make sure this knowledge sticks? As you already are aware, I am a firm believer in multisensory approaches to learning, so I will share some ideas and resources that are inexpensive and fun through

Math Balance (Ages 6-10)

ABC – Reading and Math for Kids (Ages 2-8)

Khan Academy (K-12 resources)

Learning Games for Toddlers (Ages 4+)

Prodigy Math (Ages 4-6)

Zebrainy – ABC Kids games (Ages 4+)

Board Games that reinforce math learning in fun, engaging ways for ages 7 and up

Rummikub Pay Day

7 Ate 9 24 Game

Pass the Pigs Make 7

Sum Swamp Game Dino Math Tracks

Prime Climb Think Fun Math Dice (anything by Think Fun)

Warmest Regards,

Ruth Johnston

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