Coming Soon to a Garden Near You!

Congratulations! We have all survived the crazy weather of 2022. So far, at least. Soon the crocuses will pop up to greet us despite the snow that will probably fall. These offer hope to all of us. Flowers remind me that the weather will be getting warmer but also makes me think of our students. Each student is like a flower that needs water and food to grow. We tutors are like gardeners, hopeful that our efforts will help the students grow with our nurturing and support.

What if no one is available to tutor and we have an emergency need for help?

Life happens to all of us and we regret that we don’t have any extra tutors right now. A few will be going on vacation soon, so there may be more cancellations and rescheduling. Some helpful online tutoring resources are:


Thank you for your patience with the recent cancellations of tutoring due to the weather. Since it has been extreme, we will continue to shut down when Valpo schools close. You can also watch the library website for cancellations. Let’s hope that the snow will be minimal for the rest of the season.

Dates to remember:

There will be no tutoring during spring break March 21-25 – Enjoy the time, whether you are celebrating with a vacation or a staycation. Ms. Anita will be gone from March 4th until after the 1st of April and Ms. Nancy will be gone from March 10-May 1st. Spring is a busy time and our tutors are also busy. We are trying to organize subs and get new tutors on board. Thank you for your patience with us.

Donations – We will continue to take donations that help to defray costs for resources, the website and email through the website, cash, and checks made payable to One For Everyone.

Looking Ahead:

Tutoring will end on Friday, May 13th. Starting in mid-June, Wednesday Wonder Days will be happening for the younger children and will include stories, songs, sight words, number games, and crafts. For middle-upper elementary students, there will be a book club. Please let Ruth know if you are interested in participating and the best time of day for you.

Thank you for sharing your students with us and allowing us to offer academic support. Be sure to keep us informed if a tutoring session needs to be missed.

Happy Spring!

Warmest Regards,

Ruth Johnston 219-299-3489

The gardens at Blarney Castle in Ireland

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